Consulting Consultans

As a tax consultant, the tax consultant will always find legal issues outside his core competency. Moreover, not every tax advisor wants to deal with the lowlands of procedural and procedural procedural law. In the day-to-day consulting business too often the time is too short. This has been the reason for our inclusion by tax consultants for decades. The cooperation may include a purely advisory activity (for example, in the framework of an external audit).


It may, however, also cover the full transfer of the mandate for the execution of opposition and/or legal proceedings or in the context of the consultation and implementation of company law issues. It goes without saying that for us, regardless of the route chosen, your comprehensive involvement and information on the progress of the matter. We have a common solution to your clients problem. We are not interested in taking over the client. Absolute mandate protection is therefore self-evident to us. We guarantee this.